Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is “MOWES” pronounced?

Good question! MOWES is pronounced “moves”, as in “Moving Women Establishment”.



好問題!MOWES念起來跟 “moves”很像,是「促進女權機構」


2. My English isn’t that great. Will I still be able to understand what’s happening?

Not a problem. Most of our instructors speak Mandarin and English, and we're more than happy to translate anything for you! Many of our guests speak both Mandarin and English too, so events are often held in a mix of both languages. This is a great opportunity to practice. If you want to improve your English skills ~ join English Class weekly on Wednesday nights! 



沒問題。我們大多數的老師都會說中文和英文,我們也非常樂意協助翻譯!我們大多數的參與者也都會說中文和英文,所以活動大多是在混合兩種語言的方式進行。這是很棒的練習機會。 如果你想提升英文能力~加入每周周三晚間的English Class。 


3. Why aren't your classes free? 

The answer is simple...we need money to stay open! Almost all of our classes list a suggested class price. All of the money MOWES makes goes back into the studio (for rent, utilities, purchasing supplies, etc.) so we can continue to keep our studio open and host more great events! However, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and changing, so we ask that if you are concerned about the class fee but still want to attend an event, let us know! We are happy to make accommodations when necessary. We also host several free events every month, check out our calendar to learn more!


答案很簡單….我們需要錢才能持續營運! 幾乎我們所有的課程都有建議的課程價格,所有MOWES的營收都會用在工作室中(租金、設備、購買耗材等) 如此我們才能讓工作室持續開張並舉辦更多精彩的活動! 然而,我們了解每個人的經濟狀況不同也會浮動,所以如果你對課程費用有問題但仍想參加,請讓我們知道! 需要的話我們會很樂意提供能力所及的協助。我們每個月也會舉辦免費活動,來看看我們的活動月曆吧!


4. Where does the money go?

ALL of the money goes back into the studio (rent and utilities, purchasing supplies, etc.) so we can continue to keep our studio open and host more great events. We are completely non-profit and have been ever since we opened our doors in October 2017. We depend on the community’s support and donations to stay open. If you want to support MOWES, please message us on Facebook or read more on





5. Is everyone welcome?

We hold many mixed and all gender events every month and encourage you to bring your partners and friends! However, to create a safe space for people who identify as women, some of our events are intended for women only. These events are marked with an asterisk * in the Facebook Page Event Description and on our Monthly Calendar. 





6. How can I get more involved with MOWES?

There are several ways you can get more involved with us. 

  • Volunteer: We are a small team here, so are always looking for volunteers to clean the studio, help with events, translate, and do online work. If any of these things sound interesting to you, fill out the volunteer form here:

  • Teach or lead a workshop: Have an interest that you want to share with others? Want to develop your teaching skills? Become a MOWES’ instructor! We have a wide array of teachers from oral health technicians to Qigong instructors to Burlesque Dancers. If there is a class or workshop you’re interested in teaching, let us know and we’ll explore the possibilities together. 

  • Spread the Word: Invite your friends to come to class with you, tell your community about the work we’re doing, and share our social media pages. We hope everyone in Taiwan knows about us! 

  • Donate: MOWES would not be possible without the generous support of or community, volunteers, and donors. MOWES is a non-profit organization so all the money received goes back into supporting the studio and our work. If you would like to support us, please donate here: Or email us to become a monthly donor. We also accept donations of toilet paper and cleaning supplies. 



  • 擔任志工:我們是一個小團體,因此需要志工們幫忙清掃工作室、幫忙活動事宜、翻譯以及一些線上工作。如果你對以上這些內容感興趣,請點入連結填寫志工表單:

  • 教學或是帶領一個工作坊:你有想要與他人分享的興趣或一技之長嗎?想要精進你的教學功力嗎?來成為mowes的講師吧!我們有來自不同領域的老師們,從口腔衛生、氣功以到舞蹈表演。如果你想要教導任何課程或帶領任何工作坊,請告知我們,我們會和你一起討論開課的可能性。

  • 散播訊息:邀請你的朋友一起參與我們的課程,告訴你的社區鄰居我們正在做的事情,並且分享我們的社群媒體粉絲頁。我們希望所有在台灣的人都認識我們。

  • 捐款:若沒有來自各個社區、志工和捐獻者的支持,MOWES不會有現在的樣貌。MOWES是一個非營利組織,因此所有的金錢都用於工作室的支出上。如果你也願意支持我們,請點進連結捐獻,或是寄email給我們,成為我們的月贊助者。我們也接受物品捐贈,像是衛生紙以及各種清潔用品等等。


7. Do I need to sign up for classes?
No, for most classes you do not need to sign up, just show up! Classes that require signing up include private photoshoot, outdoor events (ex: hiking, pool parties, and beach days), and art and DIY classes. This is so we can prepare all the supplies needed for everyone attending. If the event description does not ask you to RSVP or include a link to a Google doc or Google form, you do not need to sign up. Just come to our studio and have fun!



大部分的功課都不用事先報名,直接來工作室吧!其他像是私人攝影、戶外活動(山、泳池派對和海灘日)和藝術DIY課程才需要事先報名。這些課程需要事先報名,我們才能夠 準備所需之道具及材料給大家。如果活動詳情上並沒有請你回覆是否參加或是沒有google 報名表單的連結,表示該活動不用事先報名。來工作室和我們一起好好玩就好了!

Fitness Classes 健身運動課程


1. I have never worked out before, can I join?

Yes! All of our movement and workout classes are open to all levels. Instructors teach so everyone can benefit from the classes. We create a space that is fun, encouraging, and non-judgmental. Come and join us!





2. What is Full Body Workout?

This class is for anyone who wants to work out and feel the burn. You are likely to have sore muscles the day after! The class consists of a squats, cardio, and stretching warm-up followed by a HIIT workout and finishes with strengthening exercises. The instructors focus on correct body alignment and having fun! This class is open to all levels and is adjusted for each student’s personal benefits. 





3. What is Restorative Yoga?

For this Restorative Yoga class, we focus on calming our body, mind and soul through deep stretches and guided meditation. This class is open to all levels and is adjusted for your personal benefits. 





Community Classes 社區活動


1. How does your monthly Swap & Donate work?

Our Swap & Donate is open to all genders and ages! It is first-come, first-served and free-for-all. That means that you can take home anything you see without any limits. You are welcome to take items even if you don’t have anything to swap. There is always more than enough! 


If you are bringing items, please make sure everything is clean and in good working condition. We accept all-gender clothing for adults and children, shoes, accessories, books, and small household items (i.e. kitchenware, decorations, etc.). 


We ask for a $200 fee from all guests to support the studio and cover transportation for delivering leftover items, which are either donated to local shelters or saved for the next Swap. 

All swap items are for personal use, not resale. This event is meant to benefit our community and those who need clothes and household items the most. We take reselling of any items as a serious offense to the integrity of our mission and will take immediate action against any violators.







參加的人需繳交新台幣 200 元,這筆費用會用於支撐工作室的運作以及補貼運費,我們會將交換後剩餘的物品保存起來,捐贈給地區社工團體或是留待下次交換。



2. How do language classes work? 

Our language classes are open to everyone and are held weekly at our studio. They are taught by trained, native speakers and customized for your level and what you want to learn. You can purchase a 4-class pass, which gives you a $100 NT discount per class, or pay per class. Improve your language skills and meet other people. We offer flexible schedules with no commitment. Click on the event pages for more information and sign up on the Google form. The teacher will contact you directly via email to confirm your level and attendance.



我們每周都會在工作室舉辦各種語言課程,大家都可以來參加。老師們都是受過語言教學訓練的母語者,可以根據學生的程度、想學的東西來調整課程。可以單堂付費,也可以買四堂課的「Pass」——購買「Pass」的話,每堂課會再折扣 100 元。可以讓你的語言能力進步,還可以認識更多新朋友!我們的課程彈性、無須簽約,只要點選 Facebook 上的活動頁,了解我們的課程,再填寫 Google 表單就可以了。我們的老師會直接寄 Email 聯絡你,同時確認你的程度、上課意願。


3. Do I need to bring my own supplies for art or DIY classes?

No. We will provide all the supplies you need. If any supplies are needed, they will be listed on the event description. 


DIY 課程的部分,我需要自備材料嗎?



4. Can my child come? 

Most community classes are open to all genders and ages. If you are unsure if your child can attend, please message us on Facebook, Meetup, IG, or email to check. 



大部分的活動,不分男女老少都可以參加。如果你不確定某堂課可不可以帶小孩來,請在Facebook、Meetup、IG 上詢問我們,或者寄信到 詢問。


Outdoor Events 戶外活動

1. What should I bring for Outdoor Events?

We recommend bringing water, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat/visor, 

snacks to share, and a small bag. We also suggest you wear comfortable clothes and 

shoes. If there are any additional items you need, we will list them on the event page.





2. I don’t have a blanket or yoga mat, can I still attend?

Of course! We will bring several blankets or yoga mats for people to share. 




3. I’m having trouble finding the location...

Message us on FB or Meetup! We’ll get back to you ASAP to help you find us :) 


在 FB 或 Meetup 聯絡我們!我們會盡快回覆訊息,協助你找到我們 :)


4. What if the weather changes?

For all outdoor events, we will update the Facebook event the day of with any updates regarding the weather. If you’re unsure, send us a message!



所有戶外活動,如果因為天氣變化有所變動,我們都會在 Facebook 上更新訊息。不確定的話,就傳訊息來問我們吧!


5. I’ve never done this before? Is that alright?

Yes! We welcome first timers with open arms. None of us start off as professionals. The joy of our classes is to discover new skills, hobbies, and passions, and to explore parts of yourself you weren’t in tune with before. So if it’s your first time, all the more reason to join!